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Richard Turner is a fountain of entrepreneurial knowledge. He’s founded four successful businesses in different industries, from food distribution to labour hire to renewable energy – with three of those becoming multi-billion-dollar startups. One of them is ZEN Energy, the second-largest electricity retailer in South Australia, and soon to become Australia’s first Clean Energy Utility. As a mentor to 100s of early-stage startups, and as the former Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Adelaide, he’s got a wealth of experience to share about starting businesses, reinvention and industry disruption. His new book, The Essential Entrepreneur, is an essential guide. Take it away, Richard.


#47 The Ultimate Entrepreneur – Richard Turner – Entrepreneur & Business Strategist

Richard Turner is the ultimate entrepreneur. He is a specialist in market disruption, having founded four successful companies in Australia across four completely different industries. He has multiple awards including EY’s South Australian Entrepreneur of the year and 4th fastest growing company by BRW magazine, and is also the entrepreneur in residence for the University of South Australia. Today, Richard is fiercely passionate about helping people successfully start and scale companies – setting out the essential rules to give first time entrepreneurs the best chance of success. He has learnt many lessons in the last 40 years of business and shares some of them here with us. He has also recently published a book called The Essential Entrepreneur” explaining how to start, scale and ultimately sell a business. It is a book that contains all of the wisdom he wishes he had read when he was starting out.

People often buy on impulse, so you must be able to respond quickly to close a sale. That’s according to entrepreneur Richard Turner, who’s written a book from his experience of founding four companies in four different industries: ‘The Essential Entrepreneur: What it takes to start, scale and sell a successful business’Richard also outlines pricing techniques, which can be used to inspire customers to purchase.

How well does your brand stand out in a crowded market? Do people know who you are and how you’re different to others in your industry.? 

Entrepreneur Richard Turner says first impressions are important, and a professional-looking brand is critical for credibility. Richard outlines that in his book, ‘The Essential Entrepreneur: What it takes to start, scale and sell a successful business’. He discusses what makes for effective brand positioning and marketing.

Richard Turner is a renowned Australian entrepreneur, innovator and business leader. He’s a former Australian Entrepreneur of the Year and the founder of several billion-dollar companies.
When it comes to entrepreneurship, Richard is an expert. He’s a specialist in re-invention and industry disruption. He is passionate about sustainability and wants to assist businesses in achieving their purpose and potential. He’s the author of The Essential Entrepreneur, and if you want sound advice on the fundamentals of business success, Richard should be your go-to.

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Today we had a chat with Tom Dreyfus from Josef as well as got some tips and tricks from Richard Turner who runs The Essential Entrepreneur. We had a Cuppa with Luke Cook and got the update from CEO of Acanthis, Dean Sammut. So tune in because we also round out the show with Charlie Chen who gave us a deep dive into Ettle. 

The Essential Entrepreneur is for anyone with a good idea for a Company.

Richard Turner is the Founder of ZEN Energy and Author of his new book ‘The Essential Entrepreneur’. 

Richard has founded four significant companies, including ZEN Energy that was involved in a merger in 2017 and demerger in 2020 with the GFG Group. He shares his 40 years of learning and some key insights from his new book.

Richard Turner – entrepreneur, founder of ZEN Energy and author of “The Essential Entrepreneur” – joins Graham Cornes.

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